Oops, Apple still generates a reality distortion field

The M2 MacBook Air isn’t even available, and I hear the tiny voice in my head “get the midnight macbook air, get the midnight, why don’t you already have the midnight air, how can you bear living without having it?” And so on.

The last thing I need is another Mac. And especially not a MacBook Air.

But the M2 Air in midnight blue? It’s not often these days that I do get this need of immediate ownership © impulse, a spinal ‘shut-up-and-take-my-money’ reflex. Steve Jobs had been perfect in triggering that.

And since I use my Air mainly for writing, I’d go for the entry model, except storage.

Right. Here you go, credit ca….

Now, wait a minute. Didn’t I just confess I’ll use it primarily for writing? Let’s re-evaluate again, and write a short story about something I came up with in the middle of the night and had noted down. Yes, I’m that kind of person.

Let’s write something with the Air

So, day one, using the M1 MacBook Air, my writing machine which I got when it became available. The weather is fine enough, warm and sunny, a slight breeze sneaks around the small writing table, right beneath the cherry tree. A couple of hours later, and I have my first outline/draft finished, some 2500 words. Let’s take a break, and go sunbathing. Or walk the dog. Uh, mowing the lawn, ok, let’s start there. Nothing worthwhile happening, pretend the day is over and with that let’s go to day two.

Now go with the 14" Pro

From my employer, I got that almost maxed out 14" MacBook Pro. It looks like the new Air, may even have mostly the same keyboard. Main difference, from the outside, is the height, the M2 Air comes at 1.13 cm, whereas the Pro has a staggering height of 1.55 cm. The M1 Air goes from 0.41 cm at the front to 1.61 cm at the back. The difference isn’t in the height, but the gently slanted keyboard/plam-rest.

My luck goes strong today; same weather, same breeze, same table, and same cherry tree.

The story I’m drafting grows to about 5200 words. Two things I simply need to mention: the brighter display does make a difference when writing outside, the sun glaring from above. And boy do I want the M1 Air back, the edge is making itself felt with a vengeance.

What about the order?

You see, I don’t need the M2. And I definitely won’t like the front edge. I’d love to have the brighter display. And, of course, midnight because it’s there.

I’m not going to get one. It’s all in the edge, you know. I’ve so gotten used to the almost perfect shape of the Air for writing. Weighing the stunning look, the brighter display against deliberately torturing myself, I decided to go with less pain, thank you very much.

Sorry, Apple. You almost had me there. Maybe I need to stock up on M1 Air’s, instead?



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